Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding uses special machinery to grind a stump 6" to 8" below the existing grade.

Q: Does a tree stump need to be removed?

No, but the benefits far outweigh keeping it. You will eliminate a trip hazard while also adding to your curb appeal and landscape for a more beautiful home.

Q. Who will work on my property?

We are a fully insured small company made up of a husband and wife team. We pay attention by giving you the best pricing and workmanship, while proudly protecting your assets.

Q. How do I make an appointment?

Contact us at (616) 214-2622 or email us at

Q. Do you provide estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates over the phone. We will ask a few questions about the stump(s) and its location.